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luisa lambri

Lambri creates photographs of buildings by some of the most iconic architects of the 20th Century. The treatment of the images is inspired by the modern architects and artists whose works Lambri has been exposed to throughout her life.

The use of light and its effect on our experience of time and space is a profound concern in all of Lambri’s work. Lambri strives to represent the individual’s emotional encounter with architecture and she does this by subtly manipulating the light, shadow and color of the original image. The resulting images are not an objective documentation of the structures, but rather a poetic representation of the buildings’ emotional and spatial qualities. The work fulfills its ultimate purpose when it is installed and adapted to a new space; often presented in sequence the distinctions from one image to the other are subtle. Lambri is careful to consider the placement of each image in proximity to the surrounding architecture and the other works in the room. Minute changes from one image to the next become clear and the relationship between the viewer, the object and the space itself is takes on additional emphasis.