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14 Mar — 6 Jun 2020

+ p. struycken, bert boogaard, rory pilgrim,
daan van golden, natasja kensmil

Carel Blotkamp (Zeist, 1945) is an artist and former professor of modern and contemporary art. His visual work draws inspiration from the broad spectrum of art history. Blotkamp appropriates and reworks existing images and fearlessly embraces glamor and kitsch.
Composed of thousands of sequins, his glittering compositions sparkle at the viewer. His work often juxtaposes text and image, although the former dissolves amid the sparkle and opulence of the material. These new works contain references to nature inspired by themes favored by Romantic painters such as sunset and sunrise or close-ups of leaf-laden branches. And yet Blotkamp disrupts the traditional and irrefutable unity of idea, image and materiality by executing the work in sequins, which confuses both the nature, and the meaning, of the image.

For the presentation in the rear space, Blotkamp has selected other artists represented by the gallery whom he admires.

Carel Blotkamp studied art history (1963-1968) at the University of Utrecht where, beginning in 1969, he lectured on the history of modern art. He was professor emeritus of modern and contemporary at the VU University Amsterdam from 1982 until his retirement in 2007.
His artwork is collected internationally and held in numerous distinguished collections.