22 Nov 2019 — 18 Jan 2020
opening Friday 22 November 5-7 pm 2019
mountain, mountain

mountain, mountain is an opera in which each moment is carefully framed within a picture space. Space is of the essence, more so than time, and no moment should dissolve into a story, but timelines can be bent – into a circle, a wave, or into a concise arena for a fight or a dance. Within the fictional universe activated by the opera, scenic devices and special effects take central stage. Characters do populate the different scenes, such as Atuni, Sasia, and Matt – characters able to brace themselves against the meaning of whatever happens to them, magically condemned to form a small crowd, on an isolated island. They know about mountain.

mountain, mountain is a constellation of sculptures, images, implicit sounds, and text. A first staging of the visual motifs was presented in the catalogue for the exhibition ‘Opéra Monde’ in Centre Pompidou-Metz (2019).