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thomas struth

Since the late 70's, Thomas Struth has been capturing our time, reconciling forms of documentation and contemplation: the world today as seen in empty streets of different cities, cultural venues, worship scenes, but also nature, family portraits, and more recently industrial and technological locations, often underlining the relationship with the sublime. The examination of different situations and their impact on people's way of acting is typical of Thomas Struth's work.

On his recent work Struth says:
"While working on the photographs of tech­nology I did three pictures that had to do with medical situations—operations in which the human body and technology really came close together—so in a way I was already working close to death. In the process of making one of the pictures I met someone who told me about the Leibniz Institute for wildlife research in Berlin and showed me some photos of a crocodile and a tiger being dissected. It really fascinated me, so one day I went there and met with a biologist and started making these pictures. They’re a memento mori, a reflection on mortality, which is something artists make at certain moments in their lives. Life is limited, and to be alive is a gift."