Text(s): Giovanni Aloi, Phillip Fimmano, Colin Huizing, Herbert Kopp-Oberstebrink, Norbert Peeters, Judith Elisabeth Weiss, Jiwei Zhou
Editor(s): Eleonoor Jap Sam
Design: Mainstudio
Cover: softcover
Dimensions: 23 x 32 cm
Publisher: Jap Sam Books
ISBN: 978-94-93329-03-4
Price: € 39.95

Visual artist Diana Scherer is one of the pioneers in biotech art. At the core of her botanical installations and textiles lies a great curiosity about what neurobiologists call 'the brain of plants'. Scherer studies plants and root systems and applies the intelligence of plants in her work. She employs a unique technique with which, using natural growth processes, she creates mesmerising and seemingly fragile tissues of plant roots with various structures. Scherer's work is thought-provoking but above all a poetic portrayal of the human urge to control nature versus natural intelligence.