There Was a Child Went Forth
Exhibition: -
Design: Meeusontwerpt
Cover: hardcover
Dimensions: 24 x 30 cm
Publisher: Snoeck Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Cologne
ISBN: 978-3-86442-212-6
Price: € 107.00

There Was a Child Went Forth is the title of a book that consists of three volumes in a cassette. The Walt Whitman title comes from his poem about the imprints of life collected during childhood. Imprints are exactly what inspired Cuny Janssen to make these photographs.

The three volumes only have images. Text and colophon are printed on the cassette.

For this series of photos Cuny Janssen worked in and around her own city, Amsterdam (2013- 2016). In the first two volumes of the book you can see a selection of intimate portraits, children only, and city landscapes with an emphasis on trees and parks. Each single portrait is connected to a landscape. The photographs in the third volume are made from a bigger distance and show us more of the city and the different situations in which the children are photographed. Here landscapes and (group) portraits are mixed and combined in a different way. All photos are excellently reproduced in vibrant colors. The book is 24 x 30 cm and has 122 images.

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Cuny Janssen, There Was a Child Went Forth, 2017