29 Sep — 17 Dec 2023
Yes, I Do
sylvie zijlmans & hewald jongenelis

How to be happily in love? Imitation is the easiest way. Impersonate someone who seems to have the love you are looking for. 

But there lies a problem right away. In this age of irony, commitment issues and anxiety, a time when more marriages end prematurely than last, and app developers make their money by constantly encouraging us to consume mostly the superficial, physical side of love. Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with the latter - but, a whole parade of philosophers, sociologists and novelists can chorus to you, it is no substitute for romantic love.

The group exhibition Yes, I Do celebrates romantic love. You are presented with artworks by five 'successful' love couples that can serve as examples for your own love life. They have individually sought inspiration in that which is most familiar to them: the relationship with their other half.

Sylvie Zijlmans & Hewald Jongenelis