8 Apr — 6 Aug 2023
School - Verliefd, Verveeld, Verslapen
cuny janssen

The exhibition School - In Love, Bored & Overslept is a photographic journey through 150 years of education and a trip down memory lane back to everyone’s own school days. To zoom in on what makes this period of our lives so unforgettable, this exhibition brings together 150 years of photographs of schools. Despite criticism of the state of Dutch education, the photographs in the exhibition mostly reveal a world characterised by progress, emancipation and safety. The exhibition is an ode to schoolchildren and is full of recognisable situations: daydreaming during class, playing in the playground, waiting to be picked for a sports team, and the class portrait. Through some 150 photos, the visitor (re)experiences an ordinary school day: from cycling to school early in the morning until the last bell.

Cunny Janssen, Amsterdam 2013, inktjet print