29 Apr — 11 Jun 2023
In The Garden Of Doubt And Panic
sylvie zijlmans / hewald jongenelis

Sylvie Zijlmans and Hewald Jongenelis, both educated in Tilburg, have returned to Brabant to make their short psychological horror film "The Mother Of All Failure" in which they deal with unresolved childhood traumas. The Amsterdam duo previously made the film "They Live In Us (I Am A Very Detailed Person)" in New York, about the fear and charm of the realization that you can never be sure of the image you have of reality.

In "In The Garden Of Doubt And Panic" Zijlmans and Jongenelis present their new film together with a series of recent paintings in a space-filling installation. Where the film shows the desperation of a toxic relationship in a fantastic costume drama, the paintings are an explosion of freedom and lust for life.

Sylvie Zijlmans & Hewald Jongenelis, In The Garden Of Doubt And Panic