21 Jan — 11 Mar 2023
What my hands know
emmeline de mooij

Arti et Amicitiae is proud to present the group exhibition What My Hands Know, featuring new and existing work by 12 international and Dutch artists.

The exhibition focuses on artists' practices that centre on materiality, intuition and a process-oriented way of working. The title refers to our interest in embodied knowledge and hands as instruments and transmitters of information between the inner and outer worlds. In an increasingly digital world, our daily reality is often rather distant, and physical bodies are often seen as obstacles rather than carriers of knowledge. In this exhibition, viewers are invited to reconnect with their senses and explore the tactile, material and physical presence of the artworks.

The exhibition includes installation, sculpture and objects in the broadest sense: using a multitude of materials such as textiles, clay, aluminium, moving image, household objects, nail polish, sound, latex, building materials, medical equipment, food and 3-D scans, the artists work in a range of both more traditional and new techniques such as weaving, ceramics, drawing, machining, casting, laser cutting and assembly. Each artist presents a unique perspective on the creative process, in which intuition, experimentation, transformation and a constant dialogue with materials is the driving force. The selection of works explores a wide range of both personal and current, universal themes, related to the relationship and interactions between the body and its inner/external environment.

Emmeline de Mooij, The Good Host (detail), 2020, cotton, nylon, polyester and polyester with polyurethane, 200 x 90 x 12cm