11 Mar — 1 Apr 2023
charlotte dumas

Tomio Koyama Gallery is pleased to present leading Dutch photographer and artist Charlotte Dumas’ solo exhibition “Ao 青” at our two galleries in Roppongi and Tennoz.

For more than 20 years, Dumas has turned her attention to animals that maintain a close and intimate relationship with humans, such as horses and rescue dogs. Her works, which capture the coexistence of animals and humans in contemporary society, as well as the beauty of ephemeral moments within life, have received high international acclaim.

Dumas has frequently visited Japan, and in 2014, initiated an on-going project to photograph the native horses of Japan.

In Roppongi, Dumas will present the photographic series “Ao 青” (2016-2021), which will be shown for the first time in Japan, along with a selection of new ink drawings. The exhibition at Tennoz will consist of a screening of her latest video work “Ao 青” (2022).

“Ao 青” is a series of works that Dumas has been photographing since 2015 that capture the native horses of Yonaguni Island and Okinawa, as well as young girls amidst the landscape (also including photographs taken in Britany during the period in which the artist was unable to visit Japan due to the pandemic).

“Ao 青” is the final instalment of a trilogy of films following “SHIO 潮” (2018) and “Yorishiro 依代” (2020) which were presented at GINZA MAISON HERMÈS Le Forum, and thus also illustrates the passage of time through the growth of the girl that serves as their protagonist.

Charlotte Dumas, Ao 青, 2022, HD video