22 Jan — 4 Jun 2023
Behind the screens
peter struycken

50 years of computer art

Online, interactive and endless ones and zeros in algorithms and coding; digital art, in all its forms and performances, is taking an ever-increasing place. And not only that. The growth and developments in digital art also force us to rethink the definition and meaning of concepts like 'unique' and 'authentic'. With over 50 works by 29 artists, the group exhibition Behind the screens - 50 years of computer art presents a picture of the various forms of digital art and developments from the 1970s to the present. A large part of the artworks in this exhibition is from a private collection from Apeldoorn that includes a number of iconic artworks and gives a picture of the development of digital art.

Behind the screens will make you reflect on the nature and meaning of visual art in the current era. With the development and growth of digital art forms, many laws and rules of the art market are proving outdated. After all, the original of a digital artwork consists of a sequence of ones and zeros but is rarely presented in that form. Moreover, traditional crafts are increasingly being combined with digital techniques. Such hybrid art forms - from plotter drawings, tapestries and websites to videos, software and murals - are all part of this exhibition.

P. Struycken, POS 18F (detail), 1985, cybachrome, 19.2 x 112.9 cm