31 Mar — 29 May 2022
Radio Ballads
rory pilgrim

Radio Ballads presents four new works by artists Sonia Boyce, Hallen Cammock, Rory Pilgrim and Illona Sagar. Created through collaborations with social workers, carers, organisers and residents each body of work explores stories of labour, and who cares for who and in what way. For Radio Ballads, Rory Pilgrim made a new film, RAFTS, taking as its starting point the raft, symbol of survival and the ultimate preserver of life. At the heart of the film is a concert broadcast that interweaves stories, poetry, and reflection, making connections between work, mental health, home, recovery, and our environment. RAFTS is the result of a three year project commissioned by the Serpentine Gallery for which Pilgrim collaborated with members of Green Shoes Arts, members of Barking Dagenham Youth Dance, members of Project Wellbeing based in Boise Idaho (US) and solo singers Declan Rowe John, Robyn Haddon and Kayden Fearon. The film is narrated by the voices of Hugh, Carina, Liam, Butterfly, Katy, Dee, Mark and Eddie, who each in their own way reflect on what the symbol of the raft means to them.

Rory Pilgrim, Rafts, 2021, oil, nailpolish, bodyglitter on wooden board