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Record Release: Rory Pilgrim, MAXIMUM CRISIS/MAXIMUM CALM
rory pilgrim

LP  Album + Booklet AE35

Side A
A1: The Miracle (01:10)
A2: Engine Years (02:23)
A3: The Towel (05:42)
A4: The Car Wash Artist (01:58)
A5: Furniture (03:02)
A6: Commodify (05:51)

Side B
B1 Truth Below Surface (01:18)
B2 Regenerate the Engine (02:06)
B3 3 Waters (04:21)
B4 Inferno Cone (03:01)
B5 MC/MC (04:43)
B6 Today and Forever (04:12)

Ezra Hampikian
Declan Rowe John

Strings and Wind: Up North Session Orchestra
Violin: Sarah Brandwood Spencer & Natalie Purton
Viola: Christine Anderson
Cello: Liz Hanks
Flute and Alto Flute: Fiona Slominska
Oboe and Cor Anglais: Rachel Clegg
Clarinet: Sarah Masters
Tenor and Baritone Saxophones: Carl Raven
Electric Guitar: Jeff Cochran
Bass Guitar: Emil van Steenwijk
Piano, Organ and Electronics: Rory Pilgrim

Music mixed and mastered by:
Emil van Steenwijk at Charlatan Studio, Rotterdam

Produced by: Anja Casser/Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe and Volker Zander/Apparent Extent, Cologne. Supported by: MING Studios, Mondriaan Fonds and andriesse eyck galerie.

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