20 Nov 2022
RAFTS: Songs from water

Tolstraat 160
1074 VM Amsterdam

17:00 - 18:30

Free, booking required via eventbrite


In moments of change and transition what supports us and keeps us afloat?

On 20 November, Rory Pilgrim presents an intimate concert with singers Declan Rowe John and Robyn Haddon in Amsterdam. Taking place in the remarkable space of Tempel, a former

theosophical temple and now an important community space for culture, the concert will feature live versions of songs from Pilgrim’s new film RAFTS, accompanied by harp and piano. Created over three years with residents of the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham (U.K), RAFTS was originally commissioned for the Serpentine exhibition Radio Ballads to explore stories of support   in our everyday lives.

With special guest Declan Rowe John coming especially from Idaho, (U.S.), the concert will also feature songs from Pilgrim’s film The Undercurrent, made for the Prix de Rome in 2019.

Interweaving reflections and recordings from collaborators from these films and the Serpentine Civic Projects team, the concert takes you on a journey to explore what ‘rafts’ are needed to keep us afloat and support us in our present times and future.

*Please note Tempel has a set of stairs into the main performance space, without lift access.

RAFTS at Tempel is produced by Rory Pilgrim in collaboration with Serpentine Civic Projects, with support from andriesse-eyck galerie and H.T.S.U Cooperative. RAFTS is currently being exhibited for the first time in Amsterdam as a solo exhibition at andriesse-eyck galerie (29 October – 17 December 2022).

RAFTS was commissioned by Serpentine Civic for Radio Ballads, in partnership with New Town Culture, a Cultural Impact Award-winning project, part of London Borough of Culture, a Mayor of London initiative. RAFTS

was produced in collaboration with Green Shoes Arts (U.K), Barking and Dagenham Youth Dance (U.K), Project Well Being (Interfaith Sanctuary, Boise, Idaho) and the London Contemporary Orchestra.