silvia gatti

Silvia Gatti is a multidisciplinary artist. The artistic process she is fascinated with is the exploration of sense and nonsense and their combined effects on reality. She combines visual and acoustic space, virtual and physical realm, poetry and language in a performative and immersive experience for the audience. Often she is using her body as a starting point, transferring experiences from the outside to the inside and vice-versa, making the body a medium as well. 

A GALACTOC GAME. 2020, charcoal and chinese ink on paper roll, 1000 x 150 cm
Cosmocomic Drawing, 2021
Video projection on wall + 3D printed objects
5.35 min.
overview - The Cosmocomic World of Nonsense
A Sign in Space, 2020
Video installation + drawings + 3D printed objects
Chinese ink on 1.50 m x 10 meter paper roll.