vincenzo castella

The Italian photographer Vincenzo Castella (Naples, 1952) focuses on the contemporary urban and industrial landscape using a large format camera and digital printing technology. His panoramic photographs of European cities like Turin, Athens, Cologne and Amsterdam are rich in detail and are proof of the historical past of these cities as well as of the continual modern changes. The pictures are influenced by a knowledge of the history of painting and photography.

Vincenzo Castella, # 01 Piazza Sempione, Milano, 2002, cibachrome, plexiglass, forex, 125 X 154 cm, edition of 5
Vincenzo Castella, Amsterdam #7, 2000, cibachrome, 90.5 X 114.7 cm, edition of 5
Vincenzo Castella, Graz, Austria, 1999, cibachrome, plexiglass, forex, 55 X 70 cm, edition of 3
Vincenzo Castella, Work in Progress, Milano, 1998, cibachrome, plexiglas, 55 X 72 cm, edition of 3
Vincenzo Castella, Untitled Buildings #2, 1998, cibachrome and plexiglass, 91 X 114 cm, edition of 5
Vincenzo Castella, Edificio Philips, Milano, 1998, cibachrome on aluminium, 44 X 53 cm