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4 — 31 May 2019
Precarious Pavilions #4: NO PEAKS
pieterjan ginckels

Precarious Pavilions #4:
4 Mei 2019 – 31 Mei 2019,
Barbarahof, Leuven

The 21st century is increasingly characterised by far-reaching crises. In addition to climate change as an inevitable unstable factor, new financial and cultural crises will also follow. How can we think about architecture - the creation of space in an unstable world? How can the notion of "precarity" (or social insecurity) influence our way of thinking and change our way of life?
'Precarious Pavilions # 4: NO PEAKS' is the last of four pavilions. Four pavilions will be built in four cities (Ghent, Brussels, Antwerp, Leuven) in 2018-2019, during four seasons (summer / fall / winter / spring), by four different artists (collectives). Pieterjan Ginckels is commissioned for this last pavilion. The Barbarahof in Leuven will be the backdrop: a truck trailer covered in dirty black dust, daubed with the words “NO PEAKS”. The trailer is a monolith, a stately sculpture that disrupts the daily choreography planned by urban developers.

The pavilion will be festively opened on Saturday 4 May.
On Saturday 11, Thursday 16 and Saturday 25 May, Pieterjan Ginckels takes you on SPEED TRIP, and you become a performer in his city safari.