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26 Oct — 11 Nov 2018
Nude in the Studio
marijn van kreij

Marijn van Kreij – Nude in the Studio
POST, Tokyo

In the summer of 1955, Picasso moved his studio to early 20th century villa ‘La Californie’ near Cannes. The large Jugendstil windows and the view on a garden with cactuses, eucalyptus, and palm trees found their way into Picasso’s paintings. Picasso called them ‘interior landscapes’. In the past years, Marijn van Kreij has worked on a series of drawings and paintings modelled after Picasso’s interior landscapes, focusing on the act of drawing and painting through repetition and variation.

In his exhibition ‘Nude in the Studio’ at Marres in Maastricht Marijn van Kreij presented hundreds of drawings and gouache paintings, from monumental works on thick watercolour paper to loose series on sketchbook paper, advertising leaflets and other printed matter. A ring bound postcard book, designed by Akiko Wakabayashi, was published on the occasion of the exhibition at Marres, offering a lively and colourful cross section of these series.

At Post the postcard book will be presented alongside a selection of drawings and some related publications that served as source material.   LINK